Condition Score Explained

When buying used or second hand products on-line one of the toughest things to determine is the actual condition of the item.  To help you out we have given every used item a condition score out of 10, this will hopefully give you a good guide to the condition of the item and more confidence when making a purchase.

Condition score explained:
NEW – New with tags and in a box
10/10 – Like new, no signs of usage
9/10 – Great condition, few if any very minor signs of usage
8/10 – Very good condition, some signs of usage, cosmetic only
7/10 – Good condition, signs of medium usage, again cosmetic only
6/10 – Reasonable condition, signs of normal usage and very minor damage, all cosmetic, still 100% usable
5/10 – Fair condition, signs of normal usage and minor damage, still 100% usable
4/10 – Fair to poor condition, signs of normal  usage and minor damage, still 100% usable
3/10 – Poor condition, signs of heavy usage and some minor damage, still 100% usable
2/10 – Bad condition, signs of very heavy usage, noticeable damage
1/10 – Very bad condition, signs of very heavy usage and very noticeable damage

Unfortunately there is no real science to this and the condition score is just a guide to the items ware and tare.   The items are second hand and as such each item will vary in condition and on occasion we do miss things when booking them in so please enlarge the photos we have taken to their largest size and make sure you are happy before purchase.  If you wish to see any more detailed photos of an item them please let us know and we will be happy to send more over.

To enlarge the photos simply click on the arrow icon in the top left hand corner of the image.