Do we buy second hand snowboards, bindings & boots?

We get asked a lot of questions here at the Board Hoard and one of the most common questions asked is:

“Do you buy second hand snowboards, bindings & boots from the general public?”

The simple answer is yes we do, we buy a large proportion of our stock from the general public, whether that is through eBay or private sales.

When it comes to selling a snowboard, bindings or boots to us there are obviously a few things to consider:

“How much will I get for my equipment?”

How much we are able to offer is determined by 4 main factors, age, make, size and condition. To give you a price we will need to see photos of your items so we can determine those 4 things.

“Will I get more if I sell privately on eBay?”

Yes there is a chance that you will get more if you sell the items privately through a service like eBay, the price we give is essentially a trade price as we do need to sell the items on at a profit.  As a lot of our sales take place through eBay we do have to take their fees and shipping costs into consideration when offering a price.

“If I can get more privately you should I sell my snowboard to the Board Hoard?”

We will take a lot of the hassle out of selling your items, we offer a quick and easy way of selling your items.  When selling on eBay there are a few things to consider:

  • eBay will charge you a fee of just over 10% of your final order value (including delivery).
  • If you take payment by Paypal they will charge you around 3% of the value.
  • Selling via an auction will give you potentially a quick sale but not a guaranteed price.
  • Selling via a “buy it now” or with a reserve doesn’t guarantee a sale, the item may take a while to sell.
  • Offering delivery will potentially give you a quicker sale and better prices over collection only.
  • Sending a snowboard with a courier like Parcelforce or DHL is expensive, get a quote before listing your item.
  • Offering “collection only” will limit your audience so could lead to a slower sale or lower price.

“Why should I sell my snowboard to the Board Hoard?”

We will offer a quick and easy sale including:

  • Payment by cash or bank transfer as soon as we receive the goods (no payment fees).
  • We can handle the collection of the goods.
  • We can provide materials to package the items prior to collection.

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