Why Buy A Second Hand / Used Snowboard?

There are many reasons why buying a second hand or used snowboard set up make sense, they are obviously pros and cons to buying used over new but we feel the pros outweigh the cons quite dramatically especially when buying from us. We have listed these pros and cons as we see them.


Snowboarding is not a cheap sport to do and with the cost of new equipment always on the rise buying second had can get you a full set up for as little as third or a quarter of the price of a similar setup new.

Equipment lifespan
Boards, boots and bindings are designed to be tough and durable and used on a daily basis for a full season or more however most don’t ever see this kind of usage.  Therefore buying a setup that is 4 years old and has only been used for 1 week each year then there should be plenty of life left in each item for riding as the manufacturer intended.

There is plenty of choice
People stop snowboarding for many different reasons, cost, family, injury ect. and snowboards are not an easy thing to store if you don’t think you will do it again.   This means that there is a lot of good quality equipment out there and in some cases with very little usage which means getting the correct setup for yourself is fairly easy and as mentioned before much cheaper.


Condition of the equipment
Obviously when you purchase equipment that is brand new you know that it has never been used before and more importantly never mistreated.  When buying second hand especially on-line it is hard if not impossible to tell what the condition of the items are like.  At the Board Hoard we understand this which is why we have personally inspected each item thoroughly and scored them out of 10 for over all condition to give you confidence in what you are buying.